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Poster: Texasluva Date: Dec 19, 2023 7:17pm
Forum: petabox Subject: Re: Throttled again.

Here is what I have found. There may be or not a reason for it. Download speeds change. On PC at first I was getting no more then 1-2Mb/s. If you are DL a 4G file it takes quite awhile. Now I am getting 8Mb/s and sometimes more. The Upload is another story. All of this having internet speeds of 500Mb/s/500Mb/s. UL speed is less then 1Mb/s most always. The kicker to this. I use my cell which has 1/2 the speed as PC (ethernet on pc) I get up to 4-6Mb/s and can do 10G of files in less then an hour. PC for it is of course at least 10 times slower. This is on Windows 10 and on Chrome. Makes no sense. I am like 1 foot from my cell which is wi-fi about 200Mb/s/200Mb/s. I do understand why the upload is slow because of the processes and thousands of others using the site. I just have no idea why PC is much slower. I have updated, run security scans still really slow. Though IA is the best site there ever was. In this reality. Bravo...For those that are throttled to such speeds you need to increase internet speed or maybe its your provider. You will never get over 10Mb/s on UL and hope it does 1Mb/s or in the ballpark of what you need.